Short Stories by a Midwestern Gal

As the title implies, Heartland Hodgepodge is a unique collection of seven short fiction stories. Each fictional piece contains a glimpse into a small part of living in the Midwest. From bull riding, pedal tractor pulls to a visit to a zoo, the collection is meant to entertain.

This book is loosely based on my life growing up in the Midwestern United States particularly on a southern Iowa farm. It is entirely fiction and any resemblance to real life is purely coincidental. All names used are purely fictional and relate to no one person in particular. My purpose in writing this collection is to provide a means of entertainment and snapshot of one life in the Midwest.

Despite some of the tragedies depicted in this fictional collection, I wouldn’t have traded growing up in the Midwest for anything in the world.


---- Marnita Jondle

About Marnita Jondle

Marnita Jondle started writing short stories and poetry at a very early age. Since then she has written various nonfiction pieces including several newspaper and magazine articles. Most of her nonfiction work has centered on features of people and places as well as news articles on a variety of subjects including legislative sessions, education and sports. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from a university in Missouri and a master’s degree from a university in Nebraska. She and her family currently live in Nebraska with two purebred Shetland Sheepdogs.