Lies and Love in Saint Paris
At the age of thirty-five, Lori Montgomery is trapped in an all-consuming corporate career that leaves her longing for a more satisfying lifestyle. When her Aunt Celeste dies, she is summoned to tiny Saint Paris, Ohio, to settle her aunt's considerable estate. As Celeste's last living relative, Lori is poised to inherit everything her aunt left behind, but first she must fulfill her aunt's mysterious final wishes. Lies and Love in Saint Paris by Constance Cupps follows Lori's progress as she delves into her aunt's journals and other writings to learn more about her aunt and discover what is required of her. She learns as much about herself as she does about her aunt, transforming in the process from unhappy junior executive to cheerful small-town resident, and in the process falling into the arms of the very man Aunt Celeste chose for her to love and marry.

About Constance Cupps

Constance Cupps
Constance Cupps takes her place among the extraordinary storytellers of romance fiction with her debut novel, set in the author's hometown of Saint Paris, Ohio, where she grew up and still lives. Constance is presently writing her second novel.