Virginia's Travel Basket
by Sharon M. Harvey

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Dec 18, 2008
Books by Sharon M. Harvey
Eleven-year-old Sara Chapman lives an idyllic life, but in less than a week, her destiny will take a 180-degree turn. First, she is confronted by the apparition of her father, presumed dead in a mining accident. Then, there is another tragic accident. And finally…a true miracle.

Eleven year old Sara Chapman awoke early to be greeted by the work the frost fairies accomplished through the night. There was a light powder of snow on the ground and in the trees. The windows had icy designs on the panes. It was truly a wonder to behold.

Sara dressed warmly to go outside to begin her chores. She went to the chicken coop to collect eggs. Mrs. Wilkins was going to be by early to get two dozen. Sara liked to give her the largest. As her father told her, "Always give your best and you'll never go wrong." This wisdom Sara applied to everything she did.

Sara missed her father. He had been gone for two years now. He was lost in a mining accident. Sara was unable to accept the fact that the mine explosion took her father's life along with the other miners. She kept a secret hope tucked away in her heart that one day her father would be found alive or that he would return home on his own.

Sara had gathered the eggs and was sorting them for Mrs. Wilkins. She saw a shadow in the doorway. "Good morning Mrs. Wilkins, I'll have your eggs for you in a moment."


Sara looked up. That wasn't Mrs. Wilkins' voice. "Father?"

Yes, that was definitely her father. He was dressed in a sport's coat and slacks. He wasn't wearing a hat. His dark hair and dark eyes had a blue-black shine to them. Sara knew she was fully awake. It was not the morning sun reflecting off the snow and frost. There was no prism rainbow effect from the icicles hanging from the roof of the coop. She wanted to rush into his arms, but she couldn't seem to move. She was too overcome with surprise.

Sara heard very clearly her father say, "Sara you must not let your Uncle John sail on the Zaragoza to Europe."

"But Father, you can tell him. He won't listen to me."

"Do your best."

Then the shadow was gone. Sara rushed outside to catch her father. But he was not there. The powder of snow only showed her path of footprints.

About Sharon M. Harvey

A former educator and a storyteller at heart. She comes by it naturally, thanks to a father and an uncle whose yarns kept her imagination inspired. This is her first book, with many more to follow.

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