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Thursday, April 24

The One-Two Punch: Benefits of Having an eBook/Hard Copy Combo

As a modern book enthusiast, you're probably finding yourself caught between two worlds: the real world of hardcopies and the virtual world of electronic readers. Perhaps you're old-fashioned - stubbornly holding onto old traditions while simultaneously embracing technology that makes feeding your reading habits easier.

It's important for prospective self-publishing authors to settle on a publishing plan before taking the plunge - one that reaches out to as many readers as possible, through any and all platforms necessary. That probably means that an ebook version of your book will be a vital part of your publishing and marketing strategy. There are several reasons to keep ebooks in mind as you consider your publishing plan:

  • It keeps costs down. Electronic copies are inexpensive to set up, so you can offer a less expensive ebook to potential readers at a lower price and still turn a profit.
  • It's convenient. Anyone with a Nook, Kindle, Android or iPad/iPhone can download your book with the click of a mouse, which encourages impulse buys.
  • It boosts sales. The ease of buying alone increases the opportunities for sales but in addition to that, an ebook version puts your book into virtual bookstores that hardcopies can't reach. You have instant access to millions of people who browse the Apple Store, Google Play, Amazon's ebooks and other virtual bookstores.
  • The Green Factor. Save a tree; publish an ebook. Electronic books are a huge draw for people who are concerned about the impact printed books could have on the environment.

Of course, there is still a place for hardcopy print editions. First, bulk-ordered hardcopies - which are offered to authors at a discounted bulk ordering price - are a cost-effective way to take advantage of the many unexpected sales or marketing opportunities that crop up over the course of any given week. Having a copy on hand often makes the difference between making a spontaneous sale and going home empty-handed. But there are other great reasons to keep a stack at the ready:

  • Readers still love an old-fashioned read. For die-hard book enthusiasts, there's still nothing like the smell a freshly minted tome.
  • Signed copies add value. An autographed hardcopy not only makes a great keepsake for friends and family but it may also be that extra push a stranger needs to make a purchase.
  • It's an effective way to market. You may not convince a news editor or a bookstore owner to get on the computer to enter a promo code and download a promotional copy, but you can usually get them to take a free hardcopy from you. If you can get it into their hands right away, they're far more likely to review it, schedule an interview or put copies of your book on the shelves.
  • A hardcopy makes a better keepsake than a digital edition. You probably would like your own archival copies, right? Something in print is a nice, tangible backup to your electronic book.

Knowing how you'll take advantage of the strengths of each selling platform will help you launch into successful selling sooner, and help you make the most of every opportunity as it arises.

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"It was a pleasure dealing with Outskirts Press. The staff's professionalism is a whole lot better than what I am accustomed with from other publishers."

Shortly after 9/11, Jules Lombard was face-to-face with someone he suspected of being an Al Qaeda sympathizer. He simply had to write this book. A Las Vegas resident, the author is also a blogger with a huge following and is an avid ballroom dancer.

Exploding car gas tanks in a major east coast city seal the fate of two anti-heroes and set in motion one of the biggest manhunts ever launched by the FBI. ...And Soldiers is a story of men in their worst days and their strong-willed women who in the midst of a jumble of miscalculations are swept by the violent currents into the vortex of the world's terror stage. The storyline delivers a punch from start to finish, inexorably drawing its motley crew of discontents and anti-heroes to their violent ends or retirement. The book explores the mindset of Muslims who burst onto America's cities with vengeance in their hearts. Once you pick up this book and get into your usual rhythm, you will not lay it down until you see what happens in the end. The story line is gripping and the characters sizzle as if performing on stage. It is an intellectual narrative filled with suspense.

Jules Lombard, author of ...And Soldiers

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