My Answered Prayer
by Jordyn Johnson

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Jul 24, 2013
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When you're sixteen, the last thing you want to hear your parents say is, "We're moving!" Yeah... Not just moving, this was from Ohio to Alabama; my world was turned upside down. In a desperate attempt to stay, I begged the Lord to change His mind, but if He wouldn't, I asked Him to please tell my why... Why I had to leave everything I knew to go to a place where I knew no one... But I never expected His answer to be so...amazing. That night, He sent me a dream, a dream that changed my life. I met my future husband and kids, found that my career was exactly what I wanted... this was the life and the man I'd always dreamed of. I fell in love with Slate, and we promised that when it was over, we'd never stop looking for each other. I never wanted to wake up, but I did. Heartbroken, I realized things like that don't really happen... People don't meet in dreams. That morning, my mother showed me pictures of the house Dad had bought, and I nearly fell over; it was the house Slate and I visited my parents in... There's no logical way it's possible, but I couldn't deny the evidence right in front of me... He was real; the man I loved was real, and I was going to Alabama to find him...

About Jordyn Johnson

Jordyn Johnson is a Christian writer who loves the Lord and just wants others to know how much He cares and understands. The Lord has blessed her with a loving husband and a sweet little girl.

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