Italian Mothers Never Die; They Just Get Louder from the Other Side
by Marc Barone

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6 x 9 paperback cream
ISBN: 9781432705244
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May 04, 2007
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Every Mother speaks with a unique voice. Sometimes we choose not to listen and sometimes we have no other choice! Meet Joia Barone; from the Other Side. A fiery Italian mother in life who still manages to command attention in death-with miraculous results!

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What does an aspiring songwriter, along with an actress, a world famous musican, sculptor, filmmaker and philanthropist, four muggers, three psychics, an 88 year old New York City landmark restaurant and an Italian mother who died 25 years ago all have in common? They are all contemporary participants in the miraculous events unfolding in: ITALIAN MOTHERS NEVER DIE; THEY JUST GET LOUDER from the OTHER SIDE. Every miracle is swiftly manifested among the trappings of everyday life. Some are filled with boundless joy while others leave an echo of mystery, but ALL are real life events in this extraordinary story.

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Marc Barone is a student of the human condition, wielding the written craft to enrapture the heart and mind just as eloquently as his music stirs the soul. These pages are his first concerto of melodic prose that soar with personal enlightenment and delight with lyrical effervescence. Barone's book and music are songs from the heart about the symphony of miracles happening in everyday life that elevates the reader from the human condition to heights of the Divine, along with every note of earthly passion in-between.

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