Coming Home To My Heart
by Donna M. Solitario

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6.14 x 9.21 Paperback
ISBN: 9781432734923
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POETRY / General
Jun 30, 2009
Coming Home To My Heart; for inner peace is a unique poetry book. The author Donna M. Solitario really speaks to her readers through inspirational poetry. With an emphasis of her childhood growing up in an abusive, alcoholic, and dysfunctional home. A family in crisis, which has an interesting compilation of poetry with raw, and intense feeling and emotion. An amazing eye opener with strong messages. The heartfelt, beautiful, inspirations, include a focus on child and domestic abuse. Along with inspirations for healthy parenting, and self love. Including a myriad of poems such as: Empowerment, prayer, and healing, family, friendship, love poems, motivational, nature, and spirituality. Fostering inner peace, hope and love.

One Child Waits-

A child waits

Endlessy for love

No one comes

Empty is their heart

Lost and starved

For affection and


One child waits-

Grasping Destiny

Take flight leave

Unleash ties

Lightening strikes

Heavy cross bears

Pain disapears

Power of infinity

Overcomes adversity

Cease to overpower


Courage of soul

Stand bold

Power of love


Mountains glory

Reign Victory

About Donna M. Solitario

Donna M. Solitario is the author of Embrace the Light; a woman's story through poetry to touch your heart. She is a Poetry Ambassador, and has won six Editor's Choice Awards. Donna is featured in the celebrity book, Dream Reachers. She is listed in Who's Who for Literary Achievement

The author is an Instructor. She earned a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Human Service, and a Certificate in Special Education. With previous experience being a substance abuse, and domestic abuse counselor.

Donna ministers her poetry to youth and adults.

She dedicates her book to all abused victims, and survivors, along with two children Tracy and Michael, and four grandchildren.

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